Hiter Sharp Canton Fair, First Deal For H630D
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The 112th Canton fair a period on October 15, officially opened, the group operations vice President Li lead Hiter overseas division team took part in the transaction event. According to the data shows, the purchaser to than the last drop 11.4%, but have the exhibitors and chamber of commerce said to the buyers to purchase will increase, and at the same time, emerging market clinch a deal behaved well, innovation, brand products to clinch a deal to realize contrarian growth. According to statistics, the purchasers quality improved, ultra eighty percent said buyers purchase will increase, but order also more cautious. Clinch a deal the price of basic and same last year, but volatility surge. The European market turnover and account for larger than the decline, and Latin America, Africa and the Middle East and other regions of the market than rise.

Hiter as China's automobile industry in emerging power, devote oneself to to make the western China's largest LNG, electric car production base, to save energy and reduce consumption for the development of the main line, to overseas market development as the basic direction, plan in 3-5 years in global set up 10 SKD/CKD car production base. I company in the China export commodities fair a period to mechanical and electrical, hardware, chemical products etc give priority to.

I company in fair field success shows our company new product development H630D, this product chooses the domestic mature technology and supporting system, after Hiter technical team for two years of design, research and development, the road test and so on, finally in the Canton fair new listed. The product of good performance and delicate do manual work drew from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sudan, Egypt, yemen, Thailand and other countries customers' attention. On October 18,, from yemen customers in many times to visit, listen to the foreign trade team introduced decisive say to buy paint to yemen do the road test, the customer hope in the road test according to the test results after the road back to the factory after the improvement, strive for as sea's yemen exclusive agency, is expected to annual turnover for 500-1000 sets of order.

From Sudan customers to our company a strong interest in H650 models, said on the spot to do Sudan agent. Our company has repeatedly visited the Sudanese foreign trade team stressed this car accord with Sudan special geographical environment, increase the radiator and water tank, whole car sealing strip must be high temperature resistant, uv, and at the same time, Sudan road condition is poor, must use the strengthened chassis factors, the customer said very satisfied, at present the confirmation order is in.

Innovation, brand products clinch a deal the contrarian growth is the one large window of the Canton fair. According to the ore and chemical chamber of commerce investigation, buyers on brand exhibition area high-quality goods more favour, total clinch a deal at $371 million, the last rose 21.58%. At the same time, high value-added goods is main clinch a deal. Hite car as a Chinese brand car a new member, in vigorously develops the market at the same time, for accessories, after-sales service, brand development attention will lead the territorial sea, car out of a new way of the overseas development.

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