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Exhaust system

The exhaust system is designed to channel exhaust gases from the engine, which will render their impact on the environment acceptable, keep vehicles from the harm of hot exhaust gases so as to ensure vehicles`safety and comfort and help reduce emissions and noise.
The exhaust system is divided into hot end and cold end products in terms of the operating temperature.
* Hot end products include: exhaust manifold, catalytic converter,and bellow.
* Cold end products include: front muffler and rear muffler.

Exhaust manifold is used to channel hot exhaust gases.
Take into consideration the following matters: avoidance of exhaust interferece among cylinders, reduction of exhaust back pressure(each manifold branch),and equal length of exhaust path of each cylinder.
Common mountings on the manifold: flange connected to the engine, oxygen sensor seat and flange connected to the catalytic converter.

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