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Hiter’s automobile environmental protection products are self-researched and manufactured, including three-way catalysts for automobile and motorcycle exhaust, exhaust cleaning devices, and mufflers, which are green products complying with state laws. At present, there are 6 solely invested independent companies: Chongqing Hiter Exhaust System Co., Ltd., Nanjing Hiter Automobile Component Co.,Ltd., Hebei Hiter Automobile Component Co., Ltd., Haerbing Hiter Automobile Component Co., Ltd., as well as its affiliated companies in Zhuzhou and Liuzhou, which forms 6 main automobile component manufacturing bases, and other 2 manufacturing bases in Beijing and Hefei are in progress. Thereby Hiter can guarantee customers to supply complete set of R&D and manufacturing solutions on exhaust system. In 2010, Hiter produced and sold 1,500,000 sets of exhaust system products, ranking 1st around China.
Hiter has occupied R&D centre 4,000㎡, administered by a global leading team with strict management, excellent technology, and hard-working spirit.. exhaust system products are supplied to Chongqing Chang’an group, Chang’an Suzuki, Shanghai GM Wiling, Geely, Chery, BAW Group, Dongfeng Automobile, etc.
Exhaust three-way catalyst is the most of important cleaning device outside engine. It can oxidize and deacidize noxious gases such as CO、HC and NOx, and turn them into harmless CO2, H2O and N.
The utility of muffler is to reduce the pulse of exhaust pressure, then to reduce noise inside and outside the car, making it comply with national noise control requirements, meanwhile it is necessary to minimize power reduction and to save fuel.


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