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Since 2004 entering clean energy (natural gas) industry, Hiter committed to develop 2 natural gas utility project ①city use fuel (constructing natural gas pipeline to send natural gas to citizens, commercial users and industrial users), ②automobile use fuel (to build and maintain CNG station)

Hiter reached agreement with 18 cities on pipeline natural gas concessionary operation right: Xinhe in Xinjiang, Tongcheng, Huaining, Zongyang, Lixing, Huaiyuan, Guoyang, Jieshou, Mengcheng, Yuexi, Feidong in Anhui, Yudu in Jiangxi, Hengnan, Anren, Shuangpai, Guidong in Hunan, Zunyi, Sinan in Guizhou, and 14 of them have started to supply gas, and 4 of them are in progress.

Besides steady development on city pipeline natural gas construction, Hiter is taking action under state’s policy on clean energy, and has invested 9 CNG station project. (Xinhe west city in Xinjiang, Mengcheng, Lixing, Tongcheng, Jieshou in Anhui are starting business, and Huaiyuan, Guoyang, Zongyang, Xinhe east city are under construction.)


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