Chongqing Hiter Energy Investment Co.,LTD had standardized management, continue to expand the project, Zunyi Gas Co.,LTD was established.

Hiter group purchased Suining Dongcheng Car Co., Ltd. in December, 2010 after investigation, by which marks Hiter’s official action in automobile industry. Hiter has taken over 3620 mu land, planning to invest 4 billion RMB to build a large modernized automobile manufacturer with output of 100,000 commercial utility automobiles and 200,000 electric vehicle.
Establishing Hiter Energy Investment Company, having 12 gasoline companies in a consolidated management, by which realizing the model of secondary group’s investments and holdings. At the end of 2009, winning the gas operation right in Zunyi, Guizhou marks Hiter’s steady footprint in energy field.

Rapid development in energy field, establishing 5 gas companies in Mengcheng, Zongyang, Yuexi in Anhui province, Yudu in Jiangxi province, Hengyang in Hunan province.

Chongqing Hiter Environmental Protection (Group) Co., Ltd was established. In the same year, 3 gas companies were established respectively in Jieshou, Huaiyuan, Huaining in Anhui province.

Initializing in energy field, and establishing 3 gas company respectively in Tongcheng, Lixing, Guoyang in Anhui province

Hiter Nanjing Auto Parts Company Co.,LTD was established in Lishui County of Nanjing.

Cooperating with Tianjing Chemical Reserch Institute Catalyzer Reserch Laboratory to establish Tianjing Haima Catalyzer Technology Co., Ltd. In the same year, Hebei Hiter Automobile Component Co., Ltd. was registered. Hiter officially stepped into natural gas field, establishing Xinjiang Xinhe Hiter Gas Co. Ltd.

Purchasing Chongqing Chang’an Automobile Component Plant’s muffler plant affiliated with Chang’an Group, and establishing Chongqing Hai’an Automobile Component Co.,Ltd.
Chongqing Hiter Environmental Protection Technology Co. ,Ltd. was established, mainly producing three-way catalyst for automobile exhaust, and was the first company supplying three-way catalyst for manufacturers by OEM.
Chengdu Hiter Industry merged Fengdu state-owned porcelain factory, then reformed as Chongqing Hiter Industry Co.,Ltd.
Chengdu Hiter Industry was founded and registered in Chengdu, Sichuan, mainly producing and selling mechanic equipment. 
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