Strategic Target
On the basis of city natural gas service and vehicle exhaust improvement industry, taking creative mind for strategic update and management innovation, developing clean energy and realizing energy saving and exhaust reduction as Hiter’s final mission, working hard to be an international clean energy and environmental protection corporation with cross-regional capability and maximum value in relative industries.

Industry Layout

Industry Planning
* Green Vehicle——Component industry leaded by technical development, enhancing equipment and management, committing to create a state-of- art manufacturer with global competence in vehicle exhaust industry by unique comprehensive products.
* Clean Energy——Based on city pipeline natural gas and CNG station, to develop regional LPG logistic business, getting into clean energy field with coaled gas exploration and coal to gas industry, to create a new type clean energy supplier with regional advantage.
* Automobile Project——Depending on innovative technology and massive distribution system to develop products meeting market's demand, to be a automobile supplier with unique competence.
* Real Estate——Relying on rich land reserve, to make Hiter’s current commercial use land resources around nation into integration, to create Hiter’s complete supplying system and provide strong financial support.
* Financial Investment---- Finance base on Hiter’s green vehicle component industry and clean energy, to on the premise of successful public listed, combining Hiter’s automobile project and real estate project, to construct Hiter’s own financing channel, to introduce healthy and safe financial investment, boosting Hiter group in steady progress and creating persistent social benefit.

The Five Years Goals--Until 2015

To achieve annual sales income of 10 billion RMB
To strive two industries listed, to ensure one industry overall listed



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