The first mission of enterprise
Commitment to clean energy and environmental protection product development, keep on carving through the work hard and perseveringly, become respected, customer trust in the international competitiveness of the green environmental protection industry group, so that employees have growth opportunities, make a good return for shareholders, social responsibilities.

Article second business
Use to create to meet customer demand, with innovation and seeking development with business group, realize the value of life.

Third core values
The integrity-based, service-oriented, sustainable innovation, the pursuit of excellence.

Fourth social responsibility
Hite people to improve living environment, improve people's quality of life as its mission, to serve the community, the benefit of the people, for the motherland 's prosperity and national prosperity and make unremitting efforts to struggle.

Article fifth stakeholders
Hite employees, customers, shareholders and that between the partners formed using the community.
Staff: a serious and responsible and effective management, cooperation and innovation of the staff is the largest wealth Hite, Hite efforts of employees and enterprises to achieve common growth.
Customer: the customer is God created by Hite, meet customer demand is the eternal pursuit of hite.
Shareholder: Shareholder is the cause Haight power source. We will actively expand the value-added space, strictly control investment risk, ensure the maximum benefits of the stockholders and long.
Partner: partner Hite's business partner. Hite stands in the basis of equality and mutual benefit win-win cooperation.

Sixth spirit of enterprise
Immediate action, forge ahead in unity, achieve the high.

Article seventh the style of enterprises
Rigorous, pragmatic and efficient.


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